Office or Network Relocation - Multiple Location Experts.
Our team will disconnect and prepare all Computer, Printers, and associated equipment for transport ensuring all manufacturers shipping precautions are adhered to.... more


Data management and Email solutions

Our team will develop and execute all policies, procedures, that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise. more

Firewall setup configurations

Select and configure and adequate filter content firewall that fits your needs is our goal. We offer to you the most effective combination on security and pricing...more

VPN setup and remote access solutions

Designed for employees that need to safely access the enterprise network, our VPN system will help you to reduce costs and increase the interactivity in your business...more

Storage, Backup, and Disaster Recovery.

A good backup system is essential to prevent the inevitable disk crash and get your business data and IT resources ongoing. An operational backup allows you to get back your organization files and programs back in a couple of hours in a case of a major system failure.


network security management
Voice and data cabling

Supervised by RCDD and BICSI certified engineers, ensures standard based practices for all of our structural cabling services. From wire identification labeling to behind the scenes cable dressing—We prides itself on the work done by our experienced technicians. As each phase progresses we uphold exceptional standards based on meticulous procedures for each and every one of our jobs.more

computer network support
Network Security implementation

We will implement all necesary measures to protect against external and internal threats. Our security policy will optimize the use of the corporate firewall to have a right balance between traffic flow and security rules. Network monitoring and intrusion detection tools will be implemented...more


LAN / WAN / Wireless Network troubleshooting and repair

Our team will response 24/7 for office emergencies on LAN/WAN/Wireless network trouble.

Server and Network Administration

Our Team will be responsable for the efficiency and performance of the system and the integrity of the data. We will also md routers, and diagnoses problems with the behavior of network-attached computers. We manage the network infrastructure such as switches and routers, keep your network infrastructure up and running, performe routine audits of systems and software, setup your data backups, Apply necessary operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes. Install and configure new hardware and software, manage the user account settings and updates. System troubleshooting and performance tunning.

Network relocation: Our team will disconnect and prepare all Computer, Printers, and associated equipment for transport ensuring all manufacturers shipping precautions are adhered to All keyboards, cables, and peripherals are disconnected and packed into sealable cable bags which are individually labelled and packed with the main system. This ensures that all component parts are kept together and easily identified. All equipment is packaged in anti-static bags and depending on access and related conditions, the equipment is either packed into computer crates, hampers, or roll cages prior to relocation.

Data Management and Email Configuration: Data management duties priorizes Installation of new application software. This new software will be tested before it is moved into a production environment. Configuration of hardware and software will be planned and executed with the system administrator. Data management will also include adding and removing users, administering quotas, auditing, and checking for security problems. Email Configuration will be setup implementing all the advantages and resources of the Exchange Server.

Firewall setup: A firewall filters packets on the network level. packets going through the server are checked for access policies compliance. Only those packets from allowed connections get into the network. Those connections that were set with blocking rules will block the packets. Firewalls work based in a chain of rules allowing you to configure your security policies easily.

VPN Setup Configuration and Remote Access solutions: A remote-access Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to provide secure access to off-site users. We configure the adaptive security appliance to create secure connections, or tunnels, across the Internet after following steps are done:

Select your VPN Clients, Specify the VPN Tunnel Group Name and Authentication Method, Specify a User Authentication Method, Configure User Accounts, Configure Address Pools, Configure Client Attributes, Configure Encryption and authentcation parameters (Of course we do provide guidance through this process)

Network security set up: Wireless security standards of your wireless LAN will be increased. The most recent wireless security counter measures will be implemented and scans periodically done to check that the LAN users are running current versions of security patches. Desktop user's firewalls should be properly configurated as adtional and very important security measure. Adecuate sytem process security is ensured by sending and storaging only encyrpted system passwords. Logs are created for critical processes and email alerts can be set up to notify security breaches.

LAN / WAN / Wireless Network troubleshooting and repair:

Voice and Data Cabling: Installation of Category 3 - 6a cabling, Installation and termination of voice and data patch panels, Vertical riser and campus backbone, Fiber-to-the-desktop, Security cabling (COAX & Low-Voltage) Access Control, CCTV, CCTP and Intrusion.