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PC Quick data rescue services offers you cost-effective solutions for recovering lost data. Our hard drive recovery service has helped residential costumers and business owners in West LA for 8 years. Our service is personalized, aimed to help and offer you the best price in the market at a top quality. Different types of data loss ranging from deleted, corrupt, missing, or inaccessible data can be resolved. We work together with the best data recovery specialists in the area of Los Angeles, therefore, no matter how dificult or extense your media retrieval is, we will have the best solution for you at no extra cost. We will cover all non calculated time or resources that were not foreseen at the moment of providing your quote and of course, NO DATA, NO CHARGE.

Data Recovery Services by type:


Hard Drive Recovery: We will first make a free diagnostic to evaluate damge in the drive, then we will advice you on the recovery price and different options of your case. That will allow you to make an informed decision on your files recovery. After your authorization, labor will begin and you will be notified as soon as we have on track of recovering your data.

Laptop Recovery Services: You might be experiencing a data loss process if the laptop does strange noises, is totally unresponsive or you are recieving the blue screen of death message. We recover your data on any operating system or laptop brand. We cover all types of drives and all different models and manufacturers. Data issues can rank from simple to very complex, including hardware failure, electrical hazard, computer viruses, system crashes or file corruption.

Desktop Recovery Services: Analog to the previously described service.

Server Recovery Services: We recover Linux, Windows or Mac Servers, lost SQL data can also be retrieven. The server data recovery process crosses over with recoverring damaged RAID files from different RAID configurations. Lost virtual data from vmware configurations is also part of the server recovery service.

RAID Recovery Services: Your crashed RAID will be carefully evaluated. After diagnostic complexion your company will be contacted for approving costs involved in the recovery option. Once we get your confirmation, our engineer's team will work until successfully restoring your data.

Virus Removal Service: Computer virus removal, in adition, the computer weaknesses and health status of your hard drive will also be evaluated. With our recommendations and additional enhancements to your system you will work safer and more productive.

Excel – Word Password Recovery:.Office documents password recovery after missing or forgotten password.

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data recovery santa monica external hard drives pictures Data recovery on hard drives most frequent reasons:

Mechanical Crash: Ticking or scratching noises by starting your drive indicates a failure in the read-write heads. Hard disk motor can be the reason or the platters where your data is stored can get damaged. Mishandling of the drive can also result in physical damage.

Electrical hard disk Failure : Circuit failure of the PCB board will stop your hard and prevent you from access your data.

Physical or electrical damage damage to the disks itself always causes at least some data loss. And, in many cases with physically damaged hard drives, the logic structure of the file system may also get damaged.

Logical disk errors: They can be generated by error or by mishandling. Malicious programs such as viruses can be the source of serious logical errors. The other source of possible functional damage, which is slightly more common and preferable to invalid execution paths, is that of adulterated system resources.

hard drive recovery santa monica hadr disk displayed

Hard drive failure acoustic test


Here you can make your own preliminary test on the condition of your drive. These six different sounds indicate a serious harm condition in the disk. Check them one by one and compare with your own drive's clicking noise:







If you hear anything like this at all, then most likely your drive needs to be repaired in the "clean room". A Clean Room maintains exceptional air purity, and contains less than 100 airborne particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air. This is vital in protecting sensitive internal components of hard drives.


Data recovery can be an extremely sophisticated and technologically high demanding process. A RAID data recovery for example will necessarily cost to any company thousands of dollars due to the complexity of the data structure in one ARRAY of hard disks

RAID is used as term for computer data storage schemes that can divide and replicate data among multiple hard disk drives. The different schemes/architectures are named by the word RAID followed by a number, as in RAID 0, RAID 1, etc.

If your hard drive can not be accessed due to a mechanical or electrical hard disk failure, then most likely you will need the services of a facility with a clean room lab. Any data to be recovered with this technology demands a big effort on time, precision and resources.


Failure in the disk's electric components will also lead to a clean room repair, there is no way around.These are expensive methods but absolutely necessary if the plates and/or the reader mechanism of your hard drive are damaged.

  • In the unlikely event that your hard drive demands the services of a clean room we submit your har drive to the clean room lab.The repair price will be previously adjusted depending on the size in Gigabytes of the hard drive and the extension of the damage. The complete process can take from two to 15 days.

    Logical errors can be generated by error or by mishandling. Malicious programs such as viruses can be the source of serious logical errors. The other source of possible functional damage, which is slightly more common, and preferable to invalid execution paths, is that of adulterated system resources. Common types of logical data errors include missing files, folders, or partitions. A logical data recovery can also turn into an "impossible mission",

specially if previous to the decision on consulting a specialist several attempts were done by the owner using free internet software, tutorials, etc. Such an approach makes the condition of the problem even worst and can even lead to make your data completely inaccessible.

Logical errors can also be completely irreversible but this is the worst case scenario and is not very often. We will diagnose your hard drive and give you the best deal possible. You will save money and we will gain your confidence and a new client. Our commitment is to give you an honest, affordable data recovery service.

If your data was accidentally erased of formatted there are really good chances for a successfully recovery.

Pricing for logical recovery: $200.00 to $600.00 (depending on the size of the data and the extension of the damage)

Give us a call at (310)-984-6986. We handle every case individually. Personal, non business data will always receive from us the most flexible estimate.

Mechanical hard disk failures: Are those which develop on components internal to the hard disk itself. Often as soon as an internal component goes faulty the data on the hard disk will become inaccessible.

How to diagnose. Common Symptoms: When powered on, the hard drive will immediately begin to make a regular ticking or clicking sound.

Electronic hard drive failure: Usually relates to problems on the controller board of the actual hard disk. The computer may suffer a power spike or electrical surge that knocks out the controller board on the hard disk making it undetectable to the BIOS.

How to diagnose. Common Symptoms: The hard disk will not spin up when the drive is powered on - it will appear dead & not be recognized by the computer

Clean Room for Data recovery: Clean rooms are very precise lab environments which have controlled temperatures and humidity levels to ensure that sensitive technology or lab samples are not damaged by the contaminants that are in regular air. In most clean rooms, the walls and ceilings are made of a plastic or polymer. These rooms are ventilated with continually filtered dust-free air and have external light sources.