PC repair services are designed to troubleshoot the most frequent issues for Windows Operating Systems in desktops, workstations and laptops users. We add value to the repair service offering some additional free consulting time to our registered clients. Remote computer repair, remote support or remote consulting is available for only $35.00 per hour! (Remote assistance only).

PC Repair Services provided for PC Computer clients in:
Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, Ocean Park, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, West LA.

Laptop PC Desktop Repair Hardware Upgrades

Hard drives, Graphic and Sound Cards, CPU upgrade, CD/DVD Drives, Memory Upgrades, Modems, Motherboards, Scanner and Camaras.

PC Repair and maintenance

Crash recovery, System Back Up, Virus Removal, Virus Protection, Windows optimization, Troubleshooting, Spyware Removal.


Microsoft Office Installation - Training

Office installation problems? Need some training for the Office applications? We can help to solve both and provide you with an Office essential training that will increase your productivity getting used to the features in Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Access.

PC Privacy and Browsing History Control

Every time you make a move on your computer, you leave little "footprints" behind that can be retrieved at a later time by anyone who wants to see what you've been up to. We can consult you about how to better understand and program your privacy settings or you can try for FREE our software solutions in the download section

Buy Panda Antivirus Pro 2009 for $32.47

Virus removal Spyware Cleaning Solution.

Prevent virus attacks with PANDA antivirus one of the world leading antivirus software for Home Users, Professionals and Enterprises

Features: Anti-malware Protection Safe Internet Browsing PC Optimization Until 5G Online Secure Data Store Included

Registry Repair:

Slow performing issues on PC computers have mostly their source in corrupted registry entries. The windows registry is the core of the system. Invalid, changed or corrupted invalid records can complety change your PC performance.If the errors in your registry are reversible, we will fix it for you.

Home User Discount Policy

For personal (non business) computer users we have flexible and convenient rates. We also want to help PC users to better understand their computers and most important features. Our clients will get more familiar with the Microsoft products. We also give you training in Office applications (WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT)

Hard drive Upgrades: Increase speed and storage capacity keeping intact all your data and operating system . If you have the same hard drive running for 3-4 years, then maybe it is time to make a hard drive upgrade. The high speed rotating plates can create minuscule debris that can seriously damage your drive. Other elements in the mechanic or electric components can be approaching its life time end. Don't wait for the moment that your drive does not start anymore.

CPU Upgrade: If supported by your motherboard a more powerful processor can boost your desktop or laptop performance. You can check your CPU usage utilizing the Windows Task Manager. To access the Task Manager, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and click on "Task Manager," and select the Performance tab. Then, proceed with using your computer regularly, and check the "CPU Usage History" graph when you are done to see if your computing tasks are "CPU intensive". It will be such a case if the majority of the graph is at or near 100%, then a CPU upgrade will most likely improve the performance of your computer.

Memory Upgrades: There are two factors to consider regarding the speed of the memory. One is its bandwidth, meaning the maximum amount of data it can handle in one second once it gets cranking. The other is its latency, meaning how long it takes the memory module to respond to a request from the processor. The latency is described in processor clock cycles. The higher the memory latency, the more processor clock cycles the processor has to wait before the data is transferred, so the bigger the drag on processor performance. 32-bit versions of Windows operating systems support only a max. around 3G RAM.

Motherboard replacement: Motherboard replacement can be absolutly necessary if your existing motherboard failed to work and you need your windows OS keeping on running your programs and accessing your data. Windows installs hardware drivers based in the existing chipset. Therefore an exact replic of your broken motherboard is the safest way to return data and applications back to normal stage.

Windows OS installation and Crash Recovery: After a severe internet virus attack or a major computer crash caused by corrupted files, a new clean windows reinstallation is your best option. Setting back your computer to factory settings can be more or less difficult depending on your manufacturer, but it is critical to save and reorganize your data before you proceed, otherwise you can partially or completely loose your valuable files and documents. We can help you to go safe through this process.

Virus Spyware removal: After backing up your data to avoid any major crash caused by the virus, we detect and remove viruses in your computer. We also provide you with a complete functional anti virus solution and also give guidance on how to keep safe your private data.

ACT! Software Installation and Data Base Management: If you are using ACT! for Work Groups as your contact manager we can assist you with your data base administration..

Data Backup: Backing up your information is a very important step to preserve your data assets. Every hard drive has a limited life time, there is no exception. A hardware failure can put you in a very critical situation in case that it is necessary to open your hard drive to rescue the plates. It is a very expensive procedure and can be avoided investing in an affordable backup solution. More effective is to create a restore image that can get back your data and operation system at a time saving you the time and discomfort of reinstalling software that were lost in the system or hard drive crash.

Windows system troubleshooting: If your computer is not affected by viruses or malware, then lack of maintenance, registry errors, wrong software instalations, etc, can compromise the speed and efficiency of your PC. A professional computer tune up will restore efficinecy to your computer and some upgrade recommendations can dramatically speed up your slow running computer. We will check it for you!

We can recover your damaged Microsoft Outlook files and recover lost passwords in your system. Did you forget your computer password and can not access it? Give us a call 310.260.4805

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